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N Collection began its journey in the world of women traditional wear "Shaila's and Abayas" in 2003, and has ever since enjoyed a phenomenal response attributed to its unique & exclusive designs. Today, our designs are labeled as "exclusive & wearable work of art".

The work of art we create is classed exclusive as it is unique; and is produced in limited quantities. Once the target is met the designs are later retired. Every month new designs are created as well as limited edition designs for occasions such as Eid Al Fiter and Eid Al Haj.

To further reach our esteemed customers we have introduced a new and exclusive service that provides Swarovski crystal customization for Mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, iPods, Laptops, Cameras, Pens or any other product you want to shine out!

At N Collection we believe that people strive to be unique, and therefore would want their gadgets to reflect that. For this reason we encourage our customers to be creative and create a design that best suits their exotic taste.

Using genuine quality Swarovski crystals each item is professionally hand crafted and exclusively tailored to suit your unique sense of style.

Our Swarovski crystal customization will add an air of exclusivity and luxury to your product, making your every day accessory something special. Here we invite you to become the owner of a truly unique and exclusive work of art!